About Essie

Essie Sakhai

Benayahoo Sakhai

Essie Sakhai is one of Europe’s foremost rug dealers.

Born in Iran to a family with a long history of dealing in Persian carpets, perhaps it was inevitable that Essie Sakhai should become a respected expert on Oriental and Persian carpets, gaining much of his great knowledge from his father Benayahoo Sakhai. 

Essie lives in North London, though he spends most of his time at Essie Carpets on the corner of Albemarle Street and Piccadily in London’s Mayfair, carrying on the family tradition started in the 18th century.

Essie is a true enthusiast and hopes through his extensive lectures, interviews and writing (his books include ‘The Fabric of Life’, ‘The Story of Carpets’, which has been translated into many languages, and The Buyers’ Guide) to share his knowledge and passion for carpets with a wider audience.

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