Essie Carpet Club

The Essie Carpet Club has been created to benefit existing customers and to appeal to those interested in the subject of carpet and textile art. Under the auspices of Essie Sakhai, the internationally renowned specialist dealer and author, we wish to encourage further interest in this fascinating art form and offer an incomparable professional service to our clients.

The Essie Carpet Club, ( ECC ), is designed to be educational, informative and to offer peace of mind and security in purchasing and selling, and to give confidence to those embarking upon an interest in what might be a new subject of interest and investment.

Members Benefits
  • Purchase advice based on requirements, including individual consultations with recognised world class specialists.
  • Support and advice in purchasing at other Specialist Dealers throughout Europe and the United States.
  • Selling, existing or purchased rugs at reduced commission rates.
  • Valuations for all purposes prepared in document form, including photographs and all provided on CD.
  • Repair and restoration advice, and when appropriate, 20% discount on any cleaning and restoration.
  • News updates on market conditions, exhibitions and related special events.
Purchase advice

Through many years of experience, we are well placed in offering sensible informed and sound solutions to decoration schemes, supported by an enormous stock of carpets to select from, covering a wide range of budgets and tastes. If not within our own stock we can search for that ideal piece through respected dealers throughout the world. As a club member you will be able to arrange individual private consultations to discuss requirements, to discuss your collection, and possible future additions to your collection, or simply to pick the brains of leading specialists who are in touch with the market on an every day basis.


As a member of ECC, old existing carpets, or those recently purchased and now surplus to your requirements, can be sold through our London Showrooms, with the benefit of reduced commission rates. As specialist valuers, we can maximise the selling potential from our understanding and knowledge of the International market place and can identify the most suitable market environment in which to find a purchasers.


The preparation of detailed valuation for all purposes, but particularly for Insurance purposes is more essential than ever before. To prevent disputes, we produce comprehensive informative individual descriptions, including approximate dates of production, and condition notes supported by photographic representations. These will be provided in written form and on CD. The information will also be stored on our secure data base.

In the unfortunate event of being involved with a valuation dispute, as a member of ECC, we will help you settle your claim by acting on your behalf.

Restoration and cleaning

As a member of ECC, you will be entitled to free unbiased advice. As an essential part of your investment in this valuable art form, maintaining your carpet, rug or textile in the best possible condition is essential. We recognise the importance of continuous assessment in this area, and as such, will offer 20% discount to all our members as and when this service is required.


We all share a passionate interest in the subject of carpet and textile art, and as a member of ECC, we feel it appropriate to keep all our members informed on any relevant news on the market, furnishing trends, collectors forums, and upcoming exhibitions. Such information will be forwarded by email, or by post. It is our intention to also hold events at our London Showrooms, whereby members can meet and share our common interest.

How to join the Club:

Open to all, whether an existing customer, amateur enthusiast, collector, student, or potential customer, we invite you to join the ECC, by calling us at +44 (0)207 493 7766 or by using our contact us page. The annual subscription fee of £250 can be paid by Debit or Credit card, plus onetime £250 joining fee we will then register you as a member, so you can start enjoying the unique benefits of membership.

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